Piedra River

Piedra River, Southern Colorado

Part of the Piedra River in southwestern Colorado. Piedra means “rock” in Spanish — a very appropriate name.

Continental Divide Trail

A Signpost on the Continental Divide Trail

I was amused by how crooked this signpost was, especially in relation to the trees. I hiked along this trail, just a little ways. I was really high up (in southern Colorado), above 11,000 feet.

Old Gas Pumps

Old Gas Pumps

Seen in northern New Mexico. I confess I’m older than they are — I can remember when these seemed very modern and stylish to my eyes.

Tabby Cat and Flowers

Tabby Cat and Flowers

A tabby who was extremely skeptical of me. She took to hiding behind the flowers — but I managed to take some photos of her anyway.

Tiny Cholla Blossoms

Tiny Cholla Blossoms

There’s a very skinny cholla cactus in my neighborhood, with the cutest tiny blossoms.

Backlit Hollyhocks

Backlit Hollyhock Blossoms

It’s been a great year for hollyhocks.

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