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Running Free in the San Luis Valley

Horse, San Luis Valley

I was up in southern Colorado a month or so ago and encountered a bunch of horses. They looked wild but I don’t think they were because this one, in particular, really wanted to be my friend. Nonetheless, they were running free in a wide expanse of open range and, come to think of it,…

Late Season Butterflies

Fall Butterflies

A trio of butterflies that aren’t supposed to be in New Mexico in November: Two western pygmy blues on the left and an acmon blue (I think) on top.

Tumbleweed Flowers

Pink Tumbleweed Flowers

I’ve lived in the desert southwest for well over three decades, and I never ever knew until this year that tumbleweeds have flowers. They’re teeny tiny, and of course you wouldn’t want to get too close to them because they’re very prickly. Turns out another name for them is Russian Thistle. As you might guess…

Fall Along the Rio Grande

Fall Along the Rio Grande

A heron wades in the shallow part of the Rio Grande as it passes through Albuquerque.

For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner

Just because … I think this is very funny. Can’t figure out why someone hasn’t snapped it up yet ….

Oregon Ferns

Oregon Ferns

I’m pretty sure one of the biggest reasons I like coastal Oregon so much is that there are ferns everywhere. These were at Ecola State Park last year.

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