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Rio Grande in the San Luis Valley

You can almost see the Rio Grande Gorge (which cuts through the Taos Plateau in New Mexico) starting right here in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. It seems so similar to the Gorge, although it’s not nearly as deep here.

Running Free in the San Luis Valley

I was up in southern Colorado a month or so ago and encountered a bunch of horses. They looked wild but I don’t think they were because this one, in particular, really wanted to be my friend. Nonetheless, they were running free in a wide expanse of open range and, come to think of it,…

Piedra River

Part of the Piedra River in southwestern Colorado. Piedra means “rock” in Spanish — a very appropriate name.

Lake Pagosa Sunset

I was in Pagosa Springs (Colorado) a few weeks ago, where there was tons of smoke from the Spring Fire many miles east. It made for some interesting sunsets.

Continental Divide Trail

I was amused by how crooked this signpost was, especially in relation to the trees. I hiked along this trail, just a little ways. I was really high up (in southern Colorado), above 11,000 feet.

Painted Silos

Painted silos in the small town of Antonito, Colorado.

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