Category: Locomotion

Old Gas Pumps

Seen in northern New Mexico. I confess I’m older than they are — I can remember when these seemed very modern and stylish to my eyes.

Abandoned Railroad Tracks

Abandoned railroad tracks along the Columbia River, in Astoria, Oregon.

Another Year, Another Balloon Fiesta

Sometimes the view inside hot air balloons, as they inflate, is even better than seeing them up in the air. I loved the smiley face and bright colors inside this one.

Old Car and Tree

I took a 4,000-mile trip to Oregon and back, and took lots of beautiful (or at least potentially beautiful) photos: sunsets, bridges, lighthouses, etc. But this turned out to be one of my very favorites — a tree that appeared to be growing through the middle of an old car. I looked at the car closely…

New Mexican License Plate

Spotted at the grocery store a few weeks ago on an equally old pickup. Unfortunately it was squished between cars in the parking lot and I couldn’t get too many decent photos of it. Which is too bad since it was a low-rider pickup — parked flush with the ground.

Happy Halloween

Pumpkins stacked on an old truck in Utah.

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