Category: Mother Nature

Placitas Sunset

A classic winter sunset.

Coastal Trail, Northern California

A magical morning amongst the redwoods in Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park (northern California). I was told that this part of the Coastal Trail was originally Highway 101.

Dying Sword Fern

I love the mix of colors in these ferns when they’re on their way out.

Coast Hedge Nettle and Spider

A tiny spider crawls along coast/California/Mexican hedge nettle at Cape Lookout, Oregon.

Cricket on a Blade of Grass

I found this little guy hanging onto a blade of grass for dear life. It may have been that he was on his way out, or perhaps it was simply that the summer was on its way out (it was quite chilly that morning).

Black-Tailed Rattlesnake

Someone I ran into last summer in the Sandias, or more accurately, someone I would have run into if it hadn’t warned me it was there by rattling.

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