Category: Jemez

Pleasing Fungus Beetle

I was quite pleased (so to speak) when I found out what this critter is called. It’s a pleasing fungus beetle, specifically¬†Gibbifer californicus, from the (who knew?) pleasing fungus beetle family. It landed on a fellow hiker last weekend and stayed with her for quite a while.

In Rust We Trust

A rusted stock tank in Calaveras Canyon (Jemez, NM). I’m not sure what the rusted object in the middle is; it looked kind of like a bashed-up miniature aluminum trash can.

Jemez Coneflower

A coneflower swirling in the breeze.

San Gregorio Lake and Cow

The lowest I’ve ever seen San Gregorio Reservoir (or lake). It’s in the San Pedro Parks area of the Jemez.

On the Cusp

An aspen on the verge of changing colors, in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness of New Mexico.

After the Fire

Aspen survivors of the Las Conchas wildfire four years ago. All the new growth, including hundreds (if not thousands) of new aspens, is so encouraging.

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